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Venue and Practical Information          

Coimbra is a very beautiful and peaceful town situated on the Mondego River, approximately 185 km Northeast of Lisbon and 98 km Southeast of Porto.  The life of the city depends primarily on the University of Coimbra.

For more information about Coimbra and its surroundings visit:

For more information about University of Coimbra visit:                                                      EVENT MAP HERE ...  GogleHearth Map Here

How to reach Coimbra from Lisbon (LIS) or Porto (OPO) airports

  •  by car

From OPorto or Lisbon -On highway A1, take the way out to Coimbra.

  •  by train

See the web page of the portuguese railways

Coimbra is served by two major train services - ALFA - directly from LISBON (Sta. Apolónia Station, or Orient Station next to the airport) or PORTO (Campanhã Station) - and INTERCIDADES with direct links to Lisbon, Porto and Braga.

Coimbra is served by two railway stations: COIMBRA A in the city centre and COIMBRA B in the north of the city. ALFA and INTERCIDADES stop at COIMBRA B. There are several link services from COIMBRA B to COIMBRA A (city centre) by train.

  • by bus

You can use either Rede Expressos or  RodoNorte.

Weather information

See the weather information here.

University of Coimbra
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