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List of Keywords

1.Factory Automation, Robotics and Man

1.1 Mechatronics, Robotics and Instrumentation.

1.2 Robust, Reactive and Intelligent Control.

1.3 Robot Control.

1.4 Supervision: Cell Control and Shop Floor Logistics

1.5 Artificial Intelligence.

1.6 Man – Machine and Cooperative Systems.

1.7 Human Factors.

2. Process, Manufacturing and Logistics: Modelling and Control

2.1 Discrete-Event, Hybrid and Continuous Systems.

2.2 Production Control, Control Systems.

2.3 Monitoring, Diagnosis and Maintenance.

2.4 Supply Chain Integration and Management Issues.

2.5 Lean/Agile/Virtual Manufacturing.

2.6 Concurrent Engineering.

2.7 Recycling and Life Cycle Management.

3. Operations research and Decision-Support Systems: Concepts, Methods and Algorithms

3.1 Hierarchical, Distributed Network and Multiagent System Organisations.

3.2 Real –Time Decision and Control Algorithms.

3.3 Optimisation Methods and Simulation Tools.

3.4 Artificial Intelligence Tools, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic.

3.5 Autonomy, Adaptability, Optimality, Reactivity, Reliability, Robustness.

4. Computer Science and Computer Engineering

4.1 Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems.

4.2 Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems.

4.3 Parallel and Distributed Systems.

4.4 Databases and Data Mining.

4.5 Ubiquitous Computing.

4.6 Web-based Distributed Applications.

4.7 Collaborative Networks

5. Information Technology in Control, Production, Logistics and


5.1 Real-Time Systems and Local Networks.

5.2 Factory Communication, Workflow and Database Management.

5.3 Industrial Applications of Intelligent Systems.

5.4 Computer Supported Cooperative Work.

5.5 Holonic Manufacturing Systems.

5.6 Man-Machine Integration, Multi-media Support.

6. Industrial Applications

6.1 Manufacturing Production.

6.2 Chemical, Biotechnological and Other Industries.

6.3 Transport and Services.

6.4 Recycling and Environment.

7. Other Topics, Methods and Applications

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